What was Johnny like before the accident and how did it change him?

Johnny was a silversmith’s apprentice working for the Lapham’s during the last few days of colonial America. During is apprenticeship he developed some bad traits that cost him his apprenticeship. Here’s how it happened.

Before the accident, Johnny as very proud and arognant. He loved to boss his friends around and thought he was the best silver smith’s apprentice. He was never modest and took his work very seriously. Mr. Lapham is very concerned with Johhny.

“Johnny, I don’t want you to be always riding them boys so hard. Dove tries, but he’s stupid. Ain’t his fault, is it? If God had wanted him bright He would have made him that way. We’re all poor worms. You’re getting above yourself – like I tried to point out to you. God is going to send you a dire punishment for your pride.” (Forbes 37)

 During this time Mr. Handcock wants the Lapham’s to make a sugar basin. Johhny slaves away at making it just right, and is never happy with it’s design. He ignores Mr. Lapham’s warning to never work on the Sabbath and works on the basin in secret.  He was so ignorant that his acquaintance Dove wanted to embarass Johnny and handed him a faulty tool, which caused Johnny’s accident and left his hand scarred. After the accident Johnny felt humiliated and lothful. He then became humble and caring toward his friends and learned to hold his tongue.

I think Johhny, Dove, and Mrs. Lapham are to blame for Johnny’s misfortune. If Johnny wasn’t so full of pride the he could accept the fact that the basin would be late. Also Dove is to blame because even though Johnny treated Dove badly, he should have known the consequences for handing Johnny a faulty tool when Johhny was working with molten silver. Mrs. Lapham is to blame because of her greed she pushed Johhny into doing something unlawful in the eyes of the community.

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    Nice post.

    I agree with the statement “hold his tongue”. Also, you should add a quote.

  2. tanikawfpck said:

    i completely agree with everything except the fact that he was humble after the accident. he was still proud, trying to put up the devil-may-care attitude. but eventually, yes, he learns to be humble. :P

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